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The Give A Flock Campaign

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About Help For Orphans International

In 2004, American humanitarian Sarah Ehrlich traveled to India to volunteer at an orphanage in Mysore. Inspired by this Hindu organization with nearly 300 schools for orphans in India, Sarah decided to establish her own secular organization, Help For Orphans International. She was approached by several orphanages in Kenya, an African nation with over 2.5 million orphaned children, nearly 50% of whom have lost one or both parents due to the AIDS epidemic.

One particular orphanage, run by a local pastor in Kisii, invited her to come and help the community. She personally travelled to Kenya on numerous occassions helping this school and others. Help For Orphans now has many ongoing projects in the region. These include clean water and sanitation projects, animal husbandry and agriculture programs, building and renovating schools, and solar panel projects. 

Help for Orphans International has grown rapidly since then and provides real solutions to the problems orphans face, and a strategy so they can become self sufficient and provide for their whole community. Help For Orphans programs are far reaching. We have helped, supported and partnered with communities and orphanages in Kenya, Bali, Honduras, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Uganda, Haiti, and Mexico, providing much needed support from food, farm animals, and clothing, to education, medical, self-sufficiency programs and more.


Why chickens?

Did you know that one hen can give eggs for up to 15 years? One laying hen will on average lay one egg every one to two days. Providing chickens to a community in need not only helps them with their food needs, but also provides them with much needed long-term income so that the whole community can be completely self-sufficient. In this way the orphans helped will grow up to be happy, productive individuals who are able to contribute to their society. This, in addition to training in agriculture and farming techniques, is our long-term livelihood program.

Relief efforts are solely short-term approaches. The larger scope of our work includes building green orphanages and schools, as well as providing educational materials and support, medical supplies, and food.

An essential part of our efforts is the education and training of children and local officials in sustainable solutions for their local community, including farming and agriculture. Our approach is to work with the people and offer them the help and resources needed to solve issues that they themselves have requested.

We have established partnerships on the ground with the local communities, local governments, and other organizations, to get results that are tangible and sustainable rather than just short-term emergency relief.


Organization info and mission

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Give A Flock is a campaign operated by Help For Orphans International, a secular not-for-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of orphaned children in underdeveloped countries. Through donations of concerned individuals, businesses, and organizations, we help feed, educate, and improve their lives.

Our goal is to elevate the well-being of orphans and empower them to succeed in whatever endeavor they choose.

We have assisted orphanages in many countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Central America, providing aid such as food, clothing and school supplies for hundreds of orphaned children. And in doing so, we also provide them with hope and the opportunity to reach their personal goals and live fulfilling lives.

Today we are involved in education and sustainable living programs for orphanages around the world to improve the quality of life and education of orphaned children.



Donations made to the Give A Flock campaign and Help For Orphans International represent a donation to the entire mission. To help the most number of orphans move toward self-reliance. We use your donations where they can do the most good by pooling them with the donations of others to help transform entire communities. And, because you are helping Give A Flock fight hunger and poverty, your gift is tax deductible.